About the is a website designed to support players and locations of Del-Coin manufactured shuffleboard tables.

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Member benefits:

  • Record keeping of games played, wins and losses. View your standings and rankings and statistics on other league players
  • Contact other players to arrange matches
  • Reserve a table
  • Shop for league wear

The league begins in Canada but may soon grow to become “The World Shuffleboard League” Join now

About the game:

  • All games are played on standardised league bank shuffleboards manufactured by Del-Coin
  • You may choose to play regular shuffleboard or Horse Collar. Please see the Rules
  • Play singles matches (2 players) or doubles matches (4 players)
  • All shots MUST bank

About sponsors:

By filling out the “Favourites’ section of your registration form you may be offered a sponsorship by one of our league sponsor partners. Sponsorship allows you to wear logos of sponsors and eceive special offers sponsors. If you are good someday your sponsor may send you on an all expense paid trip to the world championship.